Community events, festivals and workshops.


Place based art works, street art commissions and lettering.


Print design and illustration commissions.

Make My Day!

A creative theme park.

Kate Drummond

  • About Me

    I am a UK-based visual artist, creative producer, designer and (occasional) performer.

    My personal practice combines drawing, found type, print and paint - inspired by my love of typography, traditional signage and printed ephemera.

    I produce events and workshops that create opportunities for people to come together, enjoy and participate in welcoming, entertaining and accessible creative experiences.

    I believe in developing public artworks with narrative and meaning rooted in a sense of place, memory and belonging; underpinned by open and meaningful processes of community engagement.
  • Make My Day!

    Make My Day! is a celebration of creativity; encouraging co-operation and immersive involvement in family-friendly artistic activities. The event hosts a welcoming programme of imaginative creative workshops. It is open, fun and welcoming to all those who come along to take part.

    Make My Day! 2018 will take place on Sunday 5th August, in the West End Gardens, Morecambe.

    If you're interested in bringing the event to a town centre near you, get in touch!