A beautifully illuminated vintage ice cream van is home to former circus sideshow fire-eaters Ida Glimmer & Ava Shimmer.
A twinkling display of lights and intriguing silhouetted paper-cuts festoon the vehicle’s expanse of glass while mini-projections play through the rear view window. The crowds draw closer to marvel at the spectacle. The van chimes ring out, an accordian gently begins to play, the serving window slides open – Ida & Ava appear and invite you to carry a ‘Tea Light Delight’ away with you into the night…
After an unfortunate incident with a flame thrower and a bottle of WD40 – Ida & Ava’s sizzling career was dramatically curtailed. Forbidden, by Health & Safety Officers from working with naked flames in close proximity to the general public, and children in particular – the pair dreamt up a magical new (and safety-conscious) way to spread the gift of light, delight and wonderment…


An enchanting spectacle, the installation, working to different scales, looks utterly charming both up close and from a distance. The piece invites participation on an intimate level – but can be appreciated equally from afar.

The performers invite the audience to admire the show and then take away a flickering treat from their glittering world – the ‘Tea Light Delight’ (a small hand made paper ‘cone’ topped with an LED tea light candle). These gifts from the performers, suggestive of ice cream cornets, are carried away by each recipient – scattering pinpricks of travelling light.

Delight is a performance and installation made with Hannah Fox. The piece was originally commissioned for Light Up Lancaster, 2015.

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