Client:Volker Stevin | Lancaster City Council

Morecambe Wave Wall

The Morecambe Wave Wall is a large-scale mural designed for a children’s play area – painted onto the new sea defence wall on Morecambe promenade.

Inspiration for the painting was drawn from a recording of Margaret Owen, who fishes for salmon in the Lune estuary – made for Morecambe Bay Partnership’s ‘Catching Tales: Fishing Stories from Morecambe Bay’ oral history archive.

“ the kind of fishing I do … I stand in the water … four hours a day, twice a day minimum … June, July & August

I stand up to my waist, and deeper in the water, morning, noon and night …

… you see stars that you’ll never think could ever happen showering down on you, you see otters swimming to you in the dark, you see rainbows that are upside down, or little circle rainbows, you see clouds that you couldn’t possibly describe – they’re just like little angels floating around really…

…and it’s a wonderful world the water – but you’ve got to have great respect for it, really…”

Designed by Kate Drummond.
Painted by Kate Drummond and

Artwork commissioned by Volker Stevin for Lancaster City Council.
Sea defence wall redesign project by Atkins Global.