The Sands & The Seas Wall


This wall was painted in February 2016 as part Morecambe’s Victoria Street Press public art project funded by the Portas Pilot Project and produced by Deco Publique.


The work reflects the heritage of the Sands and Seas in Morecambe Bay using stories discovered in the local newspaper from as far back as 1908.

While we were painting we got to spend time talking to residents and visitors who have taken this artwork on as their own. It was amazing to see the work have such an immediate and positive impact! Thanks to everyone for showing your support, from the teenage girls who totally got the value in adding beautiful things to the town, to the thirteen year old boys who want to study art, to the long time residents of Morecambe who loved reading the old newspaper clippings.


The Sands & Seas Wall was made in collaboration with Sheffield based Graffiti Artists Faunagraphic and
Typography by myself, with Spray Art by Faunagraphic – commissioned by Deco Publique.
Funded through the Morecambe Town Team Portas Pilot Project and Arts Council England.

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    Love it all!

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